Figure Eight Federal

Learn how our people, platforms, and processes enable industry-leading capabilities to curate all your data and supercharge your applications of ML and AI in government solutions for the real world.

For our Federal clients, our platforms and services provide the highest-quality data annotation and AI training products, along with the transparency, security, and compliance to ensure that your Agency’s AI projects meet their mission objectives and provide optimum value to the public.

Figure Eight Federal’s powerful capabilities for AI in government combine a vast, highly skilled human workforce with cutting-edge machine learning tools in a seamless enterprise-level platform. You simply upload your data to our platform and we provide the annotations, judgments, and insights you need to create accurate ground-truth data to optimize your AI applications.

What Our Platform Can Do:

Image, Video & Computer Vision

Figure Eight Federal provides cutting-edge image and video annotation at every level of required detail, including a patented method for annotating full-motion video to high accuracy. Our human-machine-teaming platform combines the high accuracy of expert human labelers with the high throughput of machine learning methods. We support all major labeling strategies—bounding boxes, lines, polygons, dots, and semantic segmentation—allowing for customizable ontologies of up to hundreds of classes. And our enterprise-level capabilities can handle any use case for our Federal clients, including autonomous vehicles, satellite and medical imagery, and military applications. We’ve labeled over 10 million images to date and we’re confident we can address all your mission needs as well.

Text & Natural Language Processing

Figure Eight Federal’s powerful human-machine-teaming (HMT) methodology creates ground-truth training data for all manner of text and natural language processing (NLP) models. Our capabilities have been utilized in real-world environments by a variety of Federal clients. We have solutions for named entity recognition, utterance collection, intent classification, relevance scoring, optical character recognition, among others. And because our human-machine-teaming platform utilizes a global pool of fluent, expert annotators, we can help you annotate text and create NLP models for dozens of languages, from English and Arabic to Chinese and French.

Search Relevance

Founded by a pair of search relevance experts, Figure Eight Federal has developed some of the best search relevance tools in existence, fine-tuned by real-world applications for some of the biggest names in eCommerce. Whether you need to categorize the right images for uniform results, score your outputs on intent and relevance, or grade query-result pairs, Figure Eight Federal has a dedicated solution to satisfy your requirements. Federal clients can also help maximize their employee’s online efficiency or their website search experience for the public. With over a decade of experience and millions of judgments in this domain, our human-machine-teaming platform can help optimize your search-related applications.

Data Enrichment & Categorization

Figure Eight Federal’s platform is highly flexible and customizable. Beyond data annotation, our platform can be configured and optimized to perform specialized data enrichment, collection, and categorization of almost any data type. Whether your mission requires performing content moderation, transcribing PDFs for your optical character recognition model, gathering information from public websites, or validating model outputs, our human-machine-teaming enterprise capabilities can process millions of data elements quickly and automatically.

Audio & Speech-to-Text

The adoption of verbal interfaces, home assistants, and other voice-controlled devices is steadily growing. But creating ground-truth training data that understands every user is difficult. Regional accents, specialized terminology, background noise, and other variations can pose serious problems for audio recognition models. Figure Eight Federal can provide the answer. We can collect audio utterances in dozens of the world’s most spoken languages, validate your model outputs, transcribe audio to text, and more. Our Federal clients, particularly those that operate overseas, have demonstrated significant success in improving their audio-enabled capabilities.