Audio and Speech-to-Text

Figure Eight Federal’s platform powers transcription, utterance collection, time stamping, and categorization for machine learning models and for a myriad of audio use cases.

As voice-enabled devices enjoy increasingly widespread adoption, it’s critical that they can understand all their users with high accuracy. But regional accents, dialects, specialized terminology, and background noise can make accurate audio models hard to train. Figure Eight Federal’s powerful and flexible platform can solve these problems.

Here are some of our platform’s capabilities:

Transcription From Audio

Optimal understanding of audio clips often requires that the audio be transformed into written text. Figure Eight Federal’s platform provides free-text translation from audio utterances, with a multi-step workflow for maximum accuracy and quality. Additionally, because our analyst workforce and our business process outsourcing (BPO) partners are globally distributed, we provide transcription (or recording) by native speakers in whatever languages you require. For our Federal clients, specific pools of analysts can be employed which are vetted to even high levels of security clearance.

Audio Utterance Collection

Collecting audio snippets and supporting instructions is an important step to both creating and fine-tuning audio interfaces and AI applications. Figure Eight Federal’s platform allows you to access a distributed, multi-lingual contributor base to collect exactly the kind of data you need for your applications. You can request specific phrases or, more commonly, provide a prompt and have the user create their own utterance in their own words for the specific events your use case requires.

Audio Categorization

Figure Eight Federal’s platform allows you to create a customizable job and speech ontology to uncover deeper information about the audio you need analyzed. Our human-machine-teaming platform can help you characterize the emotion behind a statement, categorize the topics in a conversation, or identify any important event in just a short snippet of recorded audio.

Figure Eight Federal can make your machine learning projects a success. Contact us and we’ll get you started.