Data Enrichment & Categorization

No matter what kind of data you need enriched and annotated, we can help. You make the rules, you write the logic, and our platform will categorize it.

Figure Eight Federal’s human-machine-teaming platform is highly flexible and customizable. Below, you’ll find some of our most popular data enrichment and categorization annotation applications. If you don’t see an application that’s right for you, please contact us.

Our Platform Powers:

Business Intelligence Data Collection

Whether you’re looking to collect background data on businesses or other organizations, assemble a list of URLs, annotate board meetings, or categorize organizations by type, location, or size, Figure Eight Federal can accomplish it easily. Federal clients can automatically populate their public databases or collect internal organizational data. Figure Eight Federal enriches millions of rows of business data monthly for all kinds of clients and can help you gather the information you need to make your applications successful.

Product or Inventory Categorization

Online listings of items like products or inventory don’t always come with the tagged metadata you need for your user’s search experience. But Figure Eight Federal’s platform can easily add the annotations you need to keep your listings uniform and organized, from identifying characteristics and tags for new items to collecting relevant information about your existing listings. Federal clients have used these capabilities to enhance data on everything from parts inventories to engineering databases.

Text Transcription From PDF

Figure Eight Federal’s human-machine-teaming platform leverages expert human analysts to help build highly accurate optical character recognition (OCR) models. You can transcribe areas of interest from a PDF, annotate those areas with boxes or shapes for future transcription, or validate and tune the output of your existing OCR models. Federal clients have used our enhanced OCR capabilities to digitize existing paper libraries or automatically process new documents as they are received.

Content Moderation

Whether you’re looking to build a machine learning model that moderates website content automatically, or you need to vet every piece of user-generated content that hits your website by hand, we can help. Figure Eight Federal’s platform lets you create the rules for your content by providing instructions and details about what you find acceptable—and what you don’t. Our human-machine-teaming platform can moderate everything–text, images, videos, or gifs—so you know your website is the way you need it to be.

Model Verification

One of the most powerful capabilities of Figure Eight Federal’s platform is in verifying outputs of machine learning and artificial intelligence data models. No matter what kinds of model output you’re trying to classify, we can help. Our human-machine-teaming methods can test and fine-tune data models, validate outputs, score predictions, and improve classifiers for almost any use case. Federal agencies and dozens of major corporations have used our verification tools with great success. You simply provide the model outputs, and the criteria for judging those outputs, and our platform will take care of the rest.

Data Verification and Deduplication

Figure Eight Federal’s human-machine-teaming capabilities can clean and verify databases of any kind, quickly and with high accuracy. Our platform can ensure that images match data item names, can remove duplicative data entries, and can provide any judgments or verifications you require. And because our platform is highly customizable, you can choose how you want the tasks performed, from start to finish.

Figure Eight Federal can make your machine learning projects a success. Contact us and we’ll get you started.