Search Relevance

With some of the best search relevance expertise in the industry, and clients that include Federal agencies and major corporations, Figure Eight Federal has the solutions and workflows you need to make your user’s search experiences best-in-class.

Having an accurate, robust search capability enables everything from an organization’s internal efficiency to a company’s online sales. Figure Eight Federal’s human-machine-teaming platform can provide you with the highest-quality search training data so you can fine-tune your search engine and user experiences.

Our Platform Powers:

Intent Scoring

Understanding what a user is searching for is of paramount importance when evaluating a search engine’s performance, and Figure Eight Federal has powerful tools to help. Our intent scoring tools and customizable workflows let you understand exactly what your user is looking for, and then grade the search result outputs, so you can refine your search engine to ensure it returns the best results every time.

Query-Result Relevance

Search relevance experts often need to understand if search strings are returning valid results. Whether you’re looking to grade query-result pairs or query-result pages, Figure Eight Federal’s platform has templates and customizable workflows to grade and score your search outputs, and allow you to optimize the search experience for every one of your users with minimal effort.

Image Classification

Images returned from searches provide critical information for the user, whether for a commercial or governmental application. It’s important that the returned results are uniform and clear, and having the right kind of images for every item is key. Figure Eight Federal’s platform provides simple but effective annotations to grade image quality, categorize images (such as detail vs. context), and more. Our templates and customizable workflows allow you to evaluate all your returned images to ensure they’re relevant to every search.

Relevance Comparison

Searches often return multiple outputs, and it’s often important to optimize which images are most relevant so that you can fine-tune your search model. Figure Eight Federal’s platform provides simple and flexible tools to grade the relevance of multiple outputs of a single search by displaying those outputs and scoring how relevant they were to the original search. Often paired with intent scoring, relevance comparison is a powerful way to optimize your user’s search experience.

Search Item Categorization

Search items don’t always come with the metadata you need to provide the best search experience. Figure Eight Federal’s platform has powerful and flexible tools to provide the annotations you need to ensure accuracy and relevance of search returns, from identifying characteristics and facets for new or existing items to selecting the right category for individual items. Our platform provides item categorization tools to Federal customers.

Figure Eight Federal can make your machine learning projects a success. Contact us and we’ll get you started.