Text & Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Figure Eight Federal’s human-machine-teaming-enabled platform is the most powerful solution available for the creation of text and natural language machine learning training data at enterprise scale.

With over a decade of experience and tens of millions of text annotations performed, Figure Eight Federal is the leader in NLP training data processing. We can help create, label, and validate domain-specific text data in a wide array of languages.

Our Platform Powers:

Sentiment Analysis

For many applications, enriching text by annotating it with the perceived sentiment provides critical information. Figure Eight Federal’s platform enables powerful sentiment analysis with the accuracy and nuance that other out-of-the-box sentiment solutions simply cannot. Our human-machine-teaming methodology combines highly skilled human analysts with cutting-edge machine learning tools, and allows you to tailor every step of the process to your exact specifications. This includes going beyond simple sentiment and getting to the “why” behind the positive and negative.

Machine-Learning-Assisted Text Annotation

Figure Eight Federal’s platform powers highly accurate named entity recognition (NER) tasks, using our cutting-edge Machine Learning Assisted Text Annotation solution. With dedicated tools and robust quality controls, you can easily identify parts of speech, classify proper nouns like places and people, or identify and characterize other specific named entities for your project. With our platform, you simply create your own custom ontology and our platform will take care of the rest.

Intent Classification

Intent classification is an important step in training chatbots, virtual assistants, and other machine-based conversational agents. And since intent is typically nuanced, a human-machine-teaming approach to creating training data can provide high accuracy along with speed and efficiency. Figure Eight Federal’s platform provides the best strategy to train machine learning models that understand what your users actually want.

Utterance Collection

Creating training data for virtual agents and chatbots often requires collecting samples of free text utterances based on prompts or scenarios. Figure Eight Federal’s utterance collection capabilities leverage the power of a globally distributed workforce fluent in over 180 different languages, combined with cutting-edge machine learning tools. These are enabled by customizable workflows and robust quality controls to ensure that your free-text utterance data is the highest quality available.

Optical Character Recognition and Transcription

Figure Eight Federal has created ground-truth training data for optical character recognition (OCR) models for both government clients as well as some of the largest companies in the U.S. Whether you’re looking to automatically identify important areas of text in PDFs with bounding boxes, validate model outputs, or transcribe key sections of PDFs or other documents, we have a robust set of solutions to make your OCR algorithms more accurate and achieve higher confidence levels.

Information Extraction for NLP

Extracting relevant information from text to train NLP models can be tricky, but Figure Eight Federal’s powerful information extraction solutions make it simple. If you need to understand the subjects or topics of a text, classify sections or whole documents, or enable highlighting or copy/paste functionality, our human-machine-teaming capabilities can efficiently identify the most important text strings to train your NLP models. We have helped Federal and corporate clients with their most ambitious NLP projects and produced some of the highest quality NLP training data in the industry.

Relevance Scoring

If your chatbots or conversational agents aren’t performing well, Figure Eight Federal’s relevance scoring tools can provide the answer. Our human-machine-teaming platform can determine if your search or conversational agent outputs are relevant to specific user requests, allowing you to iteratively train your models and return the best possible results for every query. Our Federal clients have improved their conversational agent’s performance significantly and with minimal effort.

Text Categorization

If you need to train models for text classifiers, Figure Eight Federal provides simple and powerful capabilities. Our human-machine-teaming platform allows you to define fully customizable instructions, ontologies, and form functionalities to create the training data you need to optimize your text models for optimal understanding.

Figure Eight Federal can make your machine learning projects a success. Contact us and we’ll get you started.